If you have not done a winter hike and like the out doors, I HIGHLY recommend! I am super spoiled to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world (Vancouver)! I did my first ever Winter hike a week ago. I was intimidated to be completely honest. It was a cloudy, foggy, cold Winter day in Vancouver but I had told myself the night before that I was going, so I did. Driving up the windy road to Mount Seymour I couldn’t help but think of what a poor idea this was. But after a bunch of back and forth I just decided “Why not?”

Never having done this before I didn’t really know what to wear. I knew walking up a mountain would make me hot and sweaty but the fact that it was -3, foggy and windy likely had to counteract my body’s normal tendency to profusely sweat! Although the entire hike (2.5 hours) was basically inside of a cloud, I had an absolute blast! There is so much snow on the mountains right now so good boots or snow shoes are necessary but I had an absolute blast and took photos and videos the whole way! Check out the youtube video!

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