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DDP 101 – w/ Alex Ludeman

Alex Ludeman is a professional golfer for Golf Burnaby and has been golfing since the age of 5. Alex became pro in 2007 and played competitively in many notable junior tours.

Alex comes on the podcast and shares with Denny his favorite players, how he approaches the game mentally, tournament stories, his father’s impact on his game, Matt Wolff walking into a training session, and the future of golf.

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Alex Ludeman

Denny Dumas

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Z2H Session 82 – w/ Mike Belle #2

Canadian PGA golfer Mike Belle is back on the podcast for round two with Denny. The guys talk about the Canadian PGA tour and the logistics of travelling, consistency in your golf game, being superstitious, cheating and little tricks to lower your score, and how the most successful people bet on themselves.

Podcast Videos can be found on the Zero to Here YouTube Channel // Mike Belle – Instagram: mikebeller97, Twitter: @beller97, Tour Website: // Denny Dumas – Instagram: denny.dumas, // Email us at