Z2H Session 79 – w/ Anthony Ferrari

Anthony Ferrari is an entrepreneur who started a commercial property managing business with his brother. The guys talk about Anthony’s cycling passion and some of the places it has taken him, the importance of self-awareness when starting your business, understanding that money isn’t everything and that certain things are not worth sacrificing. 

Podcast Videos can be found on the Zero to Here YouTube Channel // Anthony Ferrari – Instagram: travel_in_a_ferrari, fips.biz // Denny Dumas – Instagram: denny.dumas, dennydumas.com // Email us at zerotoherepodcast@gmail.com

Z2H Session 66 – w/ Giordano Ferrari

Giordano Ferrari is an entrepreneur who runs Ferrari Integrated Property Solutions. The guys talk about faking it until you make it, how money cannot be the only motivator for a successful business, creating art through problem-solving and the addictiveness of building and growing a business. // Giordano Ferrari – fips.biz // Denny Dumas – dennydumas.com, Instagram: denny.dumas // Podcast Videos can be found on YouTube