Z2H Session 33 – w/ Andrew Proctor

Tonight on the podcast Denny is joined by Andrew Proctor, a partner at Strathcona Beer Company in Vancouver. The guys talk about the difficulty in beer branding, having naive confidence in a sales position and the power of networking while sampling four different beers from the brewery. // Andrew Proctor – Instagram: proctadadocta, Instagram: strathconabeer, Facebook: strathconabeer // Denny Dumas – Instagram: denny.dumas, Facebook: denny.dumas.5 // Podcast Video can be found on YouTube

Z2H Session 27 – w/ Nik Topolovec

Today on the podcast Denny talks business with entrepreneur Nik Topolovec. Nik is the Vice President and Managing Partner at Waterbridge Media, he also has ties with the Marshawn Lynch Group and is part owner of a restaurant. The guys catch up and talk about their love of business, the importance of being grateful and how confidence is everything. // Nik Topolovec – Instagram: waterbridge.creative, Facebook: waterbridgemedia, LinkedIn: niktopolovec // Denny Dumas – Instagram: denny.dumas, Facebook: denny.dumas.5 // Podcast Video can be found on YouTube

Z2H Session 25 – w/ Scotty Bordignon

Today Denny is joined by Scotty Bordignon, an oyster caterer and founder of a traveling raw bar called "Big Shucker." Scotty talks about his sports medicine stint with the Kansas City Chiefs, and then shares with us the eventual path that would lead him to shucking. The guys also talk about the proper way to eat an oyster, the logistics of starting an oyster catering company, and how passions can develop from random experiences – you just have to get yourself out there. // Scotty Bordignon – Instagram: bigshucker // Denny Dumas – Instagram: denny.dumas

Z2H Session 12 – w/ Adam Senuik

Today Denny is joined by Adam Senuik, a fellow realtor at Garbutt + Dumas and the newest guy on the team. Adam talks about growing up in a small town, running a painting company and his own personal motivations in life. The guys then discuss long-term vs short-term goals, persevering through hardships and the importance of being true to yourself. // Adam Senuik – Email: adam@gdrealestate.ca, Instagram: adam.senuik // Denny Dumas – Email: denny@gdrealestate.ca, Instagram: denny.dumas

Z2H Session 8 – w/ Walker Adair

It’s a cold, clear night in New Westminster and Denny is joined by Walker Adair, a young and established real estate agent who started Walker Adair & Associates. He talks about getting into real estate at 21, his struggle for money early on, the boring architecture in Vancouver, his door- to- door canvassing skills and some of the hardships he faced that made him who he is. // Walker Adair – Email: walkerjadair@gmail.com, Instagram: @walkeradair // Denny Dumas – Email: denny@gdrealestate.ca, Instagram: @denny.dumas

Z2H Session 1 – w/ Shaun Francis

On the first episode of Zero to Here, Denny is joined by Shaun Francis, a mortgage broker who has seen great success since starting Bespoke Lending Solutions. The guys talk about Shaun’s story and what led him to leave a top 5 bank to start his own business, the sacrifices required to create and lead a successful company, and the mindset that drives it all.// Shaun Francis – Email: shaun@bespokelendingsolutions.com, Instagram: @shaunfrancis // Denny Dumas – Email: denny@gdrealestate.ca, Instagram: @denny.dumas