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Z2H Session 80 – w/ Brady Carpenter

Brady Carpenter is the founder and Principal of Numo Financial and comes on the podcast to talk about balancing money and life and some of the sacrifices people make, external support and being able to rely on others, his rugby trip to Bermuda and some Seahawks chat.

Podcast Videos can be found on the Zero to Here YouTube Channel // Brady Carpenter – // Denny Dumas – Instagram: denny.dumas, // Email us at

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Z2H Session 57 – Starting a Podcast

Producer Karol and Denny share their personal experiences starting a podcast. The guys talk about how they prepare for an episode, things to consider before launching, hosting, mics, reaching out to potential guests, hardware options, sponsorships and more. // Karol Cybula – Instagram: karol.cybula, // Denny Dumas – Instagram: denny.dumas, // Podcast Videos can be found on YouTube

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Z2H Session 21 – w/ Jorden Foss

It’s beer time! Today on the podcast Denny is joined by Jorden Foss, co-owner of Steel and Oak Brewing Company located in New Westminster. The guys sample four different beers from Steel & Oak and talk about the history of the brewery, how quickly beer trends change, and how sometimes you just have to take that risk and start something you believe in. // Jorden Foss – Instagram: jordenfoss, steelandoak, Website: // Denny Dumas – Email:, Instagram: denny.dumas

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Z2H Session 16 – w/ Flavio Cirillo

Today Denny is joined by very special guest Flavio Cirillo, long time musician and current drummer for Dallas Smith. Flavio shares his story and the influences that led him down the path of music. The guys then talk about the importance of adaptability in all career paths, the lessons you learn from being in uncomfortable situations, and the power of integrity. // Flavio Cirillo – Instagram: flaviocirillo7 // Denny Dumas – Email:, Instagram: denny.dumas

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Z2H Session 15 – Vlog #1 Buying Into an Older Building/Strata

A behind the scenes listen to the Garbutt+Dumas Vlog series. This episode Denny Dumas and James Garbutt talk about what you should look for and what to be aware of when buying into and older building/strata. //Vlogs can be found on YouTube: //Denny Dumas – Email:, Instagram: @denny.dumas // James Garbutt –, Instagram: @garbuttdumas

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Z2H Session 10 – w/ Steve Ennis #2

Steve Ennis is back for round 2 on Z2H as our first repeat guest. Steve is a commercial and residential mortgage broker with 10 years experience in the financial services industry. This time the guys talk about dealing with clients in tough situations, the importance of being adaptable, the loneliness of entrepreneurship and the value of honesty. // Steve Ennis – Email:, Instagram: @ennis_steve // Denny Dumas – Email:, Instagram: @denny.dumas

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Z2H Session 2 – 1st Year in Real Estate

Denny goes on a rant about some of the things he experienced during his first year as a real estate agent. These things include the easiness of getting a licence, how little it prepares you for the actual selling of homes and the sacrifices you have to make at the beginning of your career to get a foot hold in the business. // Denny Dumas – Email:, Instagram: @denny.dumas