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Z2H Session 76 – w/ Mike "The Beerrater" Ansley

Mike Ansley is the Beerrater, a local Vancouver blogger who offers an unfiltered view on the world of craft beer. The guys talk about Mike’s history and how he got into blogging, favorite beers, the importance of social media in growing your brand, the best local breweries, and the future of craft beer.  

Podcast Videos can be found on the Zero to Here YouTube Channel // Mike Ansley – Instagram: thebeerrater, // Denny Dumas – Instagram: denny.dumas, // Email us at

Z2H Session 75 – w/ Sara McCabe

Sara McCabe is a leadership coach for entrepreneurs or anyone looking to start or further scale their own business. Sara comes on the podcast to talk to Denny about problems in large corporate managing styles, and how she started her own consulting company trying to address these issues in business leadership.

Podcast Videos can be found on the Zero to Here YouTube Channel // Sara McCabe –, Instagram: saracmccabe // Denny Dumas –, Instagram: denny.dumas

Z2H Session 74 – w/ Manny Padda

Manny Padda is an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist who built his first multi-million dollar company by the age of 26. The two talk about formal vs informal education, conforming in school, the importance of being well-read, being open and honest, asking for help and what’s in store for Manny in the future.


Podcast Videos can be found on YouTube // Manny Padda –, Twitter: @MannyPadda // Denny Dumas –, Instagram: denny.dumas

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