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Z2H Session 49 – w/ Mike Belle

On today's podcast Denny is joined by Mike Belle, a professional Canadian golfer and recent qualifier for the Canada-Mackenzie PGA Tour. The guys talk about mental pressures in golf, the importance of consistency, the sacrifices that come with being an amateur golfer, Tiger Woods winning the Masters and some of the upcoming events in Mike's schedule. // Mike Belle – Twitter: @beller97, Tour Website: // Denny Dumas – Instagram: denny.dumas, Facebook: denny.dumas.5 // Podcast Video can be found on YouTube

Z2H Session 22 – w/ Tegan Cochrane

Today Denny is join by Tegan Cochrane, a Canadian ex-national sprint cyclist and all-around athlete who has recently started a business consultation company. The two talk about recovering from difficult situations, what passion means to them and how life changing belief in oneself can be. // Tegan Cochrane – Instagram: tegancochrane // Denny Dumas – Email:, Instagram: denny.dumas

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Z2H Session 20 – w/ Mandy Gill

Today Denny is joined by Mandy Gill, a plant-based super athlete, ultra-marathon runner, body-mind fitness guru and founder of the Mandy Gill Fitness and Nutrition App. The two talk about exercise and eating healthy, the importance of connecting with people, constantly getting better and finding ways of staying grounded no matter the situation. // Mandy Gill – Instagram: mgmfit_mandy, Website: // Denny Dumas – Email:, Instagram: denny.dumas

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Z2H Session 18 – w/ Danielle Kettlewell

Today Denny is joined by very special guest Danielle Kettlewell, a cousin and an Olympian who was part of the synchronised swimming team for Australia in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. Danielle shares how she got into synchro and the circumstances that led her to Australia to pursue her dreams. The two then talk about finding positives in the unfavourable situations and dealing with that voice of doubt that you hear in your head. //Danielle Kettlewell – Instagram: // Denny Dumas – Email:, Instagram: denny.dumas