Z2H Session 11 – Guest Appearance on Multiple Offers a Real Estate Show

Guest appearance on “Multiple Offers” a real estate podcast featuring Geoff McLennan with co-hosts Matt Brabbins and Jeremy Rae. Search “Multiple Offers” on Itunes. // Multiple Offers Podcast Website: https://realestatenewwest.com/multiple-offers // Denny Dumas – Email: denny@gdrealestate.ca, Instagram: @denny.dumas

Z2H Session 8 – w/ Walker Adair

It’s a cold, clear night in New Westminster and Denny is joined by Walker Adair, a young and established real estate agent who started Walker Adair & Associates. He talks about getting into real estate at 21, his struggle for money early on, the boring architecture in Vancouver, his door- to- door canvassing skills and some of the hardships he faced that made him who he is. // Walker Adair – Email: walkerjadair@gmail.com, Instagram: @walkeradair // Denny Dumas – Email: denny@gdrealestate.ca, Instagram: @denny.dumas