I’ve been in love with the Seattle Seahawks since 2005 and every year in September the love affair starts all over again! My first NFL game was the divisional playoff game in 2006 against the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas had the ball inside the Seattle 10 yard line with one minute left and down by 1. A field goal would have given them the win, but Tony Romo fumbled the snap and the Seahawks won by 1! The absolute pandemonium in the stadium as Mr. Romo was tackled on the one yard line was insane! I will never forget the rush of emotion I felt in that experience. From that moment forward I was completely hooked! 

The Seahawks season just ended with a disappointing first round playoff loss. Overall it was a very entertaining season to watch and I was lucky enough to be able to go to 3 games! The feeling I get when walking into the stadium and hearing the music going, seeing the guys warming up and 70,000 excited fans is really difficult to put into words. All the ‘experts’ said it was a rebuilding year for them and they wouldn’t win many games but I was still predicting a playoff birth early on in the season. They proved a lot of people wrong this year and with so many young guys on the team, I am very excited for whats to come over the next few years!


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