I had been thinking about starting the podcast for a while but finally got off my ass in October 2018 and did it! Its been an absolutely incredible experience thus far and the best part is that its literally just starting!

For me, I learn best by having conversations with people! I really enjoy talking to anyone and everyone that is passionate and excited about what they do. I like digging into experiences, mindset and how to get through adversity. When I started the podcast, the idea was to mainly connect with entrepreneurs to chat about the beginnings of their businesses and and how they have overcome the challenges of the early days. This has become the perfect medium for me to share my self employed journey and pick the brains of others who are in similar positions. There is so much behind the scenes work and adversity to overcome to be successful in any business and that is exactly what I am trying to uncover. Its really exciting for me to see how the podcast has evolved so much even just being 3 months into it now. I’m finding that you do not need to run a business to have something valuable to offer with your experiences. If you are passionate about what you do and excited to always continue growing, you should share your story! If my experiences and the experiences of my guests can in any way be helpful or motivational to listeners, I will see it as a huge success!

Can’t wait to keep it going and bring you all some absolutely fire content!!

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