Z2H Session 27 – w/ Nik Topolovec

Today on the podcast Denny talks business with entrepreneur Nik Topolovec. Nik is the Vice President and Managing Partner at Waterbridge Media, he also has ties with the Marshawn Lynch Group and is part owner of a restaurant. The guys catch up and talk about their love of business, the importance of being grateful and how confidence is everything. // Nik Topolovec – Instagram: waterbridge.creative, Facebook: waterbridgemedia, LinkedIn: niktopolovec // Denny Dumas – Instagram: denny.dumas, Facebook: denny.dumas.5 // Podcast Video can be found on YouTube

Z2H Session 25 – w/ Scotty Bordignon

Today Denny is joined by Scotty Bordignon, an oyster caterer and founder of a traveling raw bar called "Big Shucker." Scotty talks about his sports medicine stint with the Kansas City Chiefs, and then shares with us the eventual path that would lead him to shucking. The guys also talk about the proper way to eat an oyster, the logistics of starting an oyster catering company, and how passions can develop from random experiences – you just have to get yourself out there. // Scotty Bordignon – Instagram: bigshucker // Denny Dumas – Instagram: denny.dumas

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Z2H Session 20 – w/ Mandy Gill

Today Denny is joined by Mandy Gill, a plant-based super athlete, ultra-marathon runner, body-mind fitness guru and founder of the Mandy Gill Fitness and Nutrition App. The two talk about exercise and eating healthy, the importance of connecting with people, constantly getting better and finding ways of staying grounded no matter the situation. // Mandy Gill – Instagram: mgmfit_mandy, Website: mandygill.com // Denny Dumas – Email: denny@gdrealestate.ca, Instagram: denny.dumas

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Z2H Session 19 – Vlog #2 List Price Strategy

A behind the scenes listen to the Garbutt+Dumas Vlog series. This episode Denny Dumas and James Garbutt talk about list price strategy and everything you need to keep in mind when selling your home. //Vlogs can be found on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHK2L-KswYO93195yndFAmA //Denny Dumas – Email: denny@gdrealestate.ca, Instagram: @denny.dumas // James Garbutt – james@gdrealestate.ca, Instagram: @garbuttdumas

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Z2H Session 18 – w/ Danielle Kettlewell

Today Denny is joined by very special guest Danielle Kettlewell, a cousin and an Olympian who was part of the synchronised swimming team for Australia in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. Danielle shares how she got into synchro and the circumstances that led her to Australia to pursue her dreams. The two then talk about finding positives in the unfavourable situations and dealing with that voice of doubt that you hear in your head. //Danielle Kettlewell – Instagram: danielle.kw // Denny Dumas – Email: denny@gdrealestate.ca, Instagram: denny.dumas

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Z2H Session 17 – w/ Jordan Scheltgen

With a couple weeks left until Christmas Denny is joined by long time friend Jordan Scheltgen. Jordan is a co-founder and managing Partner of Cave Social, a digital advertising agency that helps brands story tell online through social media and content marketing. The guys discuss the importance of content marketing, how to deal with impostor syndrome and using social media as a prospecting tool in any profession. //Jordan Scheltgen – Instagram: cavejordan, Podcast: “Mind Your Marketing” – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/mind-your-marketing/id1274822524?mt=2&i=1000417051284 // Denny Dumas – Email: denny@gdrealestate.ca, Instagram: denny.dumas

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Z2H Session 16 – w/ Flavio Cirillo

Today Denny is joined by very special guest Flavio Cirillo, long time musician and current drummer for Dallas Smith. Flavio shares his story and the influences that led him down the path of music. The guys then talk about the importance of adaptability in all career paths, the lessons you learn from being in uncomfortable situations, and the power of integrity. // Flavio Cirillo – Instagram: flaviocirillo7 // Denny Dumas – Email: denny@gdrealestate.ca, Instagram: denny.dumas

Z2H Session 12 – w/ Adam Senuik

Today Denny is joined by Adam Senuik, a fellow realtor at Garbutt + Dumas and the newest guy on the team. Adam talks about growing up in a small town, running a painting company and his own personal motivations in life. The guys then discuss long-term vs short-term goals, persevering through hardships and the importance of being true to yourself. // Adam Senuik – Email: adam@gdrealestate.ca, Instagram: adam.senuik // Denny Dumas – Email: denny@gdrealestate.ca, Instagram: denny.dumas