Z2H Session 73 – w/ Byron Vallis

Byron Vallis is an entrepreneur and founded Coquitlam’s first brewery in 2016, Mariner Brewing Company, at the age of 24. The two sample some beers and talk about the challenges of opening a brewery, marketing/branding and how to stand out, the hiring process in a small company and the future of Mariner Brewing.

 Podcast Videos can be found on YouTube // Byron Vallis/Mariner Brewing – marinerbreweing.ca, Instagram: marinerbeer // Denny Dumas – dennydumas.com, Instagram: denny.dumas

Z2H Session 70 – w/ Shaun Francis #2

Shaun Francis is a principal and senior mortgage consultant at Bespoke Lending Solutions and is back for another round after being the very first guest on the show. The guys talk about Justin Trudeau’s home-buying equity plan, hiring people for your company, the importance of a strong team, people appreciating the small things and how networking is the lifeblood of success. // Shaun Francis – bespokelendingsolutions.com, Instagram: shaunfrancis, // Denny Dumas – dennydumas.com, Instagram: denny.dumas // Podcast Videos can be found on YouTube

Z2H Session 64 – w/ Jordan Scheltgen #2

Jordan Scheltgen is the founder and managing partner at Cave Social, a social media marketing agency based in Los Angeles. Jordan is also the host of two podcasts; “Mind your Marketing” and “Leaders in Real Estate”. The guys talk about the removal of likes on Instagram, TikTok, predicting future platforms, value-neutral situations, learning to rely on people and structuring goals to run a successful business. // Jordan Scheltgen – Instagram: caveteam, cavesocial.com/ // Denny Dumas – Instagram: denny.dumas, dennydumas.com // Podcast Videos can be found on YouTube